One Race, One Truth

One of the most significant falsehoods perpetuated by the enemy within our generation pertains to the color of our skin. I want to remind you that there is no such thing as multiple races—neither white people nor black people. This concept has been propagated to promote division and control. In reality, there is only one race—the Human Race. Our skin tones vary based on the amount of melanin within us and the climates to which our ancestors adapted over different periods of time, as often elaborated upon by Ken Ham in great detail. If pride leads you to favor a color outside the human spectrum, try the paper test. Hold up a white printing paper or black construction paper and compare it in the mirror.

I pray that you remember this and that the Lord uses it as motivation to love, connect with, forgive, help, and minister to all others despite the differences in culture.  We should always stand united as one people under the guidance of the one true God. Do not allow the enemy to deceive you. I encourage you to watch the linked video below—it will bless and enlighten you.

Much Love

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