United We Stand (All Races and People of The Body)

Dear Christian,

I understand that the world is lost and will engage with anyone about anything under the Sun/Son in a foolish manner. But I beg of you… please do not get caught up in the foolish arguments rooted in flesh and pride.

If you haven’t noticed, times are getting even crazier and the end could be closer than we think, though none of us know the day and hour. How we respond/engage will either speak for us or against us as we stand before the King of Glory Himself on Judgment Day. The truth is that we live in a world ruled by the prince of the air, and many times he often uses both real and staged events to distract the brethren and draw them from standing in the spirit to crawling through muck and mire in their flesh.

This is one of the reasons our nation is divided now. We have completely abandoned God and are easily allowing the enemy to manipulate and lead us into complete and utter destruction.

As a matter of fact, it is God’s desire that in these times we become an example and beacon of hope as to how God’s people and people in general should stand and respond. Just as Jesus said that His family are those that do His will, so are those of my true family. And the blood of Christ is thicker than any life-giving fluid in existence. Brothers and sisters who truly are in Christ, I love you, and there is nothing you can do about it. Though we may not agree on everything you are family and I don’t care what your ethnicity, race, or background is.

I know a lot is going on, and the enemy is actively advancing on many fronts, but remember… we have already won and should fight as such. I challenge those who are truly in the faith to even more look for opportunities to love on, befriend, help, and minister to someone who may have a different background or shade of brown than you. Our Lord didn’t avoid people because of cultural differences and neither should we.

My life is so much richer because of the beautiful diversity and gifts within the body of Christ and how they have impacted and empowered me. The reality is that if our community consists of various shades of beautiful brown, so should a good number of our churches and even our legit friendship circles. The type of friendships in which they eat at your table and break bread, like in the days our Savior walked the earth in the flesh.

A lot more could be said… But today, this is just a reminder to not get distracted or deceived, to seek God, to love people, forgive, and a challenge to be the counter-cultural Christians God has called us to be. There are enough people talking and walking that foolishness and living the life of a modern day zombie. Its time to actually carry out that faith walk and live like the Men and Women of God that our savior has called us to be.

Much love,

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