Black vs White? Naw…All in Christ

When crazy news breaks about a crime or murder, the first question of a Christian shouldn’t be, “Was he white or black?” This initial response can serve as an internal indicator of where our hearts truly are. Why not first be concerned with the state of their souls and everyone’s safety? The same type of thinking that idolizes a particular shade of brown skin reveals that we sometimes prioritize the image of people who resemble us over truth, justice, grace (in God’s sense), or the concerns that God wants us to have. It can become a form of idolatry that blinds us from perceiving things as God sees them and prevents us from being the light in the unique way He has called us to be.

There is nothing wrong with taking pride in people and cultures that are not inherently sinful. However, when our entire worldview and identity are wrapped up in these aspects, we drift away from putting Christ first and instead prioritize culture or other similar factors.

Christians, this is not a day to align ourselves with people, organizations, political parties, cultures, or any other entities solely due to familiarity, tradition, fear, power, the color of ones skin, or the like. When we made the decision to put our trust in Jesus and surrender to His leadership, it included letting go of all the flawed and backward thinking. Haven’t we learned by now that the anger of humans does not produce the righteousness of God? And that God’s ways are vastly different from the ways of the world?

Sometimes I intentionally listen, and at other times, I have failed by not speaking up when I should have. However, there have also been moments when I have succeeded in representing the Lord and His perspective. I highly encourage all Christians, regardless of their shades of brown (this includes white and black), not to remain silent when other Christians start slandering others solely based on their skin color. When they say things like “black people _____” or “white people _____,” this is our opportunity to remind them of who we are and of God’s way, which will bring genuine healing, the proper perspective and solutions. I once had a person tell me that all white people are evil. I immediately wondered what the interaction would be like if that person were locked in a room with someone of a different color but with the same mentality. It would probably be both funny and sad. Although I may not agree with everything MLK said or did, I do appreciate his dream whereby people would be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. Often, most individuals become the very things they despise. Remember that we will reap what we sow. If you convince yourself that others who do not share your same skin shade are evil, well, God will likely surround you with people who have the same mentality while pretending to like you. Or He could allow your own mind and thoughts to hold you back consciously or subconsciously from all sorts of progress, good, and Godly things.

Haven’t we learned that this type of engagement gets us nowhere? In fact, it only makes things worse. Let’s stop allowing the devil to use us by speaking death. God is capable of working miracles, but oftentimes, we are the ones preventing Him from doing so, both privately and publicly, due to our own partiality and idolatry.

Look, it’s time for a change. It’s time to stand with all of God’s people as our blood brothers, regardless of our respective shades of brown and past experiences. Together, we are a powerful force, and God desires to work through this authentic unity in Christ. If you haven’t noticed, the world is becoming much more darker, and this is precisely the type of division the enemy uses to divide, deceive, confuse, and distract the Church while he gains control over every aspect of life. We don’t have a white problem, black problem, or a political problem… we have a problem with all of humanity rebelling against God and whatever problems that exist that fall from that isn’t just a problem for one group of people, their all OUR problems. When we see things from His perspective, with His heart and His Word, we can effectively address justice properly, systemic partiality (racism), crime in communities, broken homes, addictions, border instability, debt instability, healthcare, globalism, the contamination of our food, water, and drugs, ungodly taxation, censorship/control, but most importantly, the saving of souls and the establishment of biblical discipleship. Salvation and biblical discipleship will bring about the true solutions to it all. And if, for some reason, God comes to call His church home, salvation, discipleship, and what we do for God in Christ will be the only things that truly matter.

Let’s not just talk like we follow Jesus… let’s be like Him and allow Him to freely transform every aspect of our being, and then let that transformation reverberate throughout the four corners of the earth.

If you are a serious and sincere Christian… you are closer to me than people who may share my same blood but don’t serve God. I don’t care what color you are. Jesus Himself told this to His own mother, and I stand with Him. When we pass away, He and His church will be the only ones standing.

Much Love


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