Our Lives for Our Wives

Although honorable and necessary, laying down our lives for our wives isn’t always limited to taking a bullet or fighting off a physical threat. Often, the Lord will call us to do other practical things, such as, but not limited to, the following:

1. Denouncing and unsubscribing from sites and apps that depict women as sexual tools and appeal to the spirit of lust. (As I often mention, God led me to unfollow Christian fitness trainers on Instagram a few years ago after realizing the spirit of lust at work in my own heart over time…Also had a friend who had to get a dumb phone in order to completely cut himself off from specific temptations on his phone.) In other cases within the workplace, men take pride in sharing shameful images and such, of women. This is not a practice real men of God engage in. We stand for, protect, and honor all women as sisters and daughters, not shame, manipulate, demean, use, and dishonor them.

Be sure to protect and guard your heart proactively to protect your wife, family, and God’s will for you all. Specifically, we need to allow God to transform us so that they are the only women we think about from an intimate perspective. It is not only possible but necessary.

2. Cutting back on that hobby or job to spend intentional and uninterrupted time with your wife and family. This can be to talk, lead them in prayer/devotion, or just have fun family time. All are important.

3. Most importantly, make time to consistently seek the face of God. This can be in private devotion, joining a men’s group, and the like. Your personal relationship with God is the single most important relationship on the face of the earth. If this is good, all other things will be added and be in proper order also. If you don’t have proper order now, God will forge that path as we faithfully walk with and trust in Him as He transforms us. It doesn’t matter how smart or successful you think you are or aren’t. God often works the biggest miracles in the least of us.

Men, the world needs us. Let’s step up in private and public for the glory of God! ????????????

“Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her” (Ephesians 5:25)”

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