He Overcame and So Have We

There have been times in my life in which I’ve been ridiculed, belittled, looked over, discriminated against, threatened, and wrongly judged…other times I remember feeling like the only person on my job or in school, at certain points in time, trying to live for the glory of God. This was far from the case, but in those moments, it was often easy to look at myself as a victim and wallow in self-pity. For some reason, there is a small sense of ungodly satisfaction that one gets when doing such. But I’ve learned over time, and sometimes had to remind myself, of the reality.

The reality is that we are never alone. The reality is that God will never leave us nor forsake us. The reality is that in these moments is when God wants us to be part of Godly Fellowship Most. The reality is that in these moments is when God wants us to Praise and Pray Most. The reality is that as long as we are in Christ there are more for us than against us. The reality is that God often allows those trials to mold us into beautiful masterpieces. The reality is that God is working everything for His Glory and Our Good. The reality is that Jesus Himself already overcame the world and we’ve already won. The reality is that no hurt, wrong, or persecution can compare to that of Jesus’s. The reality is that if we respond as Jesus did, we too can change the world for God’s glory!!

We may not know the future or be able to control the actions of others…but let’s be so saturated with the Love, Word, and Presence of Jesus that our reactions to the chaos and confusion will bring about Glory to God.

When I’ve responded in my own strength, knowledge, and will, it never worked out right. When I’ve responded in faith…Peace, Empowerment, Solutions, and Miracles were Manifested.

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